Today I decided to finally learn Jekyll. I have heard about that awesome tool before. However, I never managed to start creating a website in it.

Some time ago, I downloaded a single-page template with gulp. I modified the code to generate pages and menu to my liking. However, it was very difficult to mange. I was considering Jekyll before but somehow I dropped the idea.

Luckily, Pluralsight handed out free subscriptions for a month due to the Covid-19 crisis. At first I was really confused - there was so much interesting topics to learn. Somehow I decided to type “jekyll” into the search bar and here I am! Writing my first post in Markdown to be served on my site.

Altho, still need to use more Markdown to learn it faster.

I also added a fix to drop.rb in jekyll-seo-tag that checks for the existence of site.shortdesc setting and sets it into the title instead of the full description.